We will be back to do more good in 2011!

The Designer's for Good Benefit for 2010 had to be sidelined due to a bicycling injury and complications after surgery. We did work on a number of projects under the Award scheme including set up of communications needs to help an organisation actively providing practical assistance to medical services in Ethiopia and website services for a sustainable tourism operator in Vietnam. Recovery from the injury is going well and hopefully next year's Award will be back on track.

The 2010 Benefit is closed.

The Designer's for Good Benefit for 2009 was awarded to Food Connect.

The details for the 2010 Designers for Good Benefit can be found below.

We are looking for special organisations.

There are organisations that exist to do good. The good they do may be for the environment, for humanity or society. We want to hear from organisations that work for the preservation or betterment of the natural world, organisations that work to improve tolerance, respect and dignity for humanity and organisations that provide assistance to people in times of need. We will give preference to those organisations doing good, on a not for profit basis, but will consider applications from others.

We’ve called this concept the “Designers for Good Benefit”.

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Here's what we're giving.

Through this Benefit iTANK will provide its creative design services free of charge for three months to the winning applicant. The services we provide will assist the winning organisation to establish or improve its presence in the marketplace. We’ll work closely with the organisation to deliver effective materials for the organisation that enhance its visual identity and communicate its mission. Depending on the organisation’s requirements we will assist in the creation or enhancement of their messaging which could include development of a brand identity including anything from logo, identity system, printed collateral, website and more.

Designers for Good Benefit - iTANK helps organisations that do good.


Can we help your organisation?

The winning organisation will be selected from among those applicants that have a good communication strategy, strong environmental values and that need professional design services to effectively project their business and goals to the community. iTANK is based in New Farm, Australia but we don’t mind where your organisation is located. We work with remote and international clients and make use of internet based communications and project management technologies to ensure smooth exchange of information. If your organisation already has established and comprehensive visual identity systems that are already working well and only need production services, this Benefit is not intended for you.


How does the Benefit work?

From the date of awarding the Benefit*, the winning organisation will receive, 3 months, at an average not exceeding 6 hrs a week, of design work free of charge from iTANK. *There may be a period in September 2010 when iTANK will suspend the work provided. If the implementation plan agreed with the winning organisation requires additional work by iTANK in excess of the Benefit or if services of a vendor other than iTANK (such as photography, illustration, printing, web development needs etc) are required these costs are not included in the Benefit. If travel is required in providing services under the Benefit, travel expenses incurred will need to be paid by the winning organisation. The Benefit is for design only.

Ok, this sounds good!


How do we apply?

Please download the application form. Email your responses to the questions on the form to [email protected] along with a copy of your existing marketing plan. Of course we need to receive your application by the due date. Applications by email are preferred, however applications by post will be accepted. Do not send applications by fax or other methods. If you’d like to supply additional documents such as existing collateral, reports, branding material you may post them to iTANK Po Box 1766 New Farm 4005 Australia. If you want us to return any of this material be sure to include a stamped and addressed return envelope.


How will the Benefit be awarded?

iTANK will interview applicants short-listed as finalists by phone prior to awarding the Benenfit. If we need additional information from an applicant iTANK will request the information by phone or email and set a date for submission of the additional information. iTANK will pass the shortlisted applications to an Advisory Board to select the winner. The Advisory Board consists of 3 independent members who are not employed by or related to iTANK. Advisory Board members are business professionals familiar with design, environmental and human issues.


When is this going on?

iTANK is awarding the second annual Benefit in 2010. There is only one Benefit to be awarded from this process and it is for a period of 3 months from the date of the award. Any portion of the Benefit that is unused at the end of three months will expire. If for example less than an average of 6hrs per week is used within the three month period it is not carried forward beyond the expiration date. iTANK will review the Benefit concept and process after the expiration date and may choose to discontinue or modify the Benefit for the following year.

The Important dates

Benefit Applications available online 2 June 2010.
Benefit Applications due by 5pm 15 June 2010.
Finalists notified and interviewed late June 2010.
Winner notified 29 June 2010.
Benefit begins 1 July 2010.
Benefit work will be suspended for September.
Benefit ends 30 October 2010.

When we notify the winner iTANK will arrange to meet and discuss needs, design brief, schedules and determine the final scope of the Benefit.


Are there other conditions?

The winning organisation will be treated like any other client except iTANK will not charge for work under the Benefit. iTANK will send the Beneficiary monthly reports of the service hours performed under the Benefit so all parties may monitor the process and schedule for the project. In preparing the implementation plans iTANK will estimate any additional work that is above and beyond the services donated under the Benefit. Any additional services requested by the Beneficiary of iTANK or by other vendors will be paid for by the Beneficiary. iTANK may adjust the schedule for performance of the services under the Benefit to accommodate projects for fee paying clients. If the Beneficiary decides to terminate the project after the Benefit period has begun for any reason, any remaining service hours under the Benefit will expire without further obligation on the part of iTANK. Upon expiry date work completed will be transferred to the Beneficiary. iTANK reserves the right to extend the schedule for the Benefit or to terminate the Benefit if insufficient qualified applications are received. iTANK will retain the right to use the finished designs for promotional purposes.


Who is giving this Benefit?

iTANK is a small creative design studio based in New Farm, Brisbane, Australia with a passion for creatively helping clients who make a difference. We work with you on a personal level to help your message to break free of the crowd in clear and memorable ways. We have broad project experience and a commitment to sustainability and social justice.

Our capabilities include:
  • Identity design and brand standards systems design;
  • Website design;
  • Interior and exterior architectural graphics;
  • Print collateral design including: brochures, stationery, corporate communications, reports;
  • Signage and display design;
  • Naming and tagline development;
  • Book design.


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