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eyeWelcome to Fazool - It is our new spicy and topical note we will send to you from time to time to keep you updated with what's cooking here at iTANK.

In each edition we will give you some information about iTANK and the team, showcase a project we've worked on and toss in a few amusements.

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What's that art?

Dave's CowThe iTANK team are immersed everyday in all forms of art: multimedia, visual installations, paintings, prints and sounds. As much as it is a dedicated graphic design workshop and studio, 'the tank' is also a gallery of inspiration and creativity.

We're often asked about some of the pieces in the studio, so we'll showcase some of this artwork to you in Fazool, starting with one of our favourite pieces, Dave's Cow.

Dave's Cow is a painting by Australian artist Robert Moore. Moore lives in Grafton NSW and has been painting since the 80s. You might recognise some of his work from public collections including QAG, NGA, NGV and also all over Mambo merchandise. Dave's Cow was spotted at an exhibition 3 years ago and added to the inspiration in the studio.

Peek under the lid – iTANK projects examined
City Beach website

Image of City Beach home page This is a website that we originally specified and built at the end of 2004. We've since given it a graphic makeover and added some extra functions. We provide the hosting on a secure dedicated server and have had a perfect up-time record since the site was launched.

The site is used to attract memberships from City Beach fans & customers. We developed a ground-up hosted system which incorporates a client controlled content management system and integrated that with our systems for managing memberships, email newsletters and competition/giveaways functions. We bring live content from external suppliers for the webcam and surf news sections.

In order to give members their own hangout we've also integrated a members only discussion board and provide a free email account upon joining to all members. Members are able to customise the appearance of the site by selecting from a set of custom "skins" we've designed.

The site also presents HR Department information about working at City Beach to potential employees. The positions available listings are a popular feature among young jobseekers. The site has attracted membership from tens of thousands of Australia's youth - the target market for City Beach.

Image of City Beach site with ladies skin applied
Visit the site here http://www.citybeachsurf.com.au if you want to see the member features you need to join...go on it's free!

Our custom software can be adapted to other marketing sites that may require members-only functions, prize engines, mailouts, email systems and the like. Talk to us about your needs and requirements.

What's on the boil in the team?
In this edition - Pasi

PasiI'm looking forward to going dugong hunting with Darren Jew early next month. There should be around 5-600 dugongs active on the eastern banks of Moreton Bay. The tides are about right and we hope the cold westerlies are not in force. With some luck we'll be back with some good shots and no sandfly bites (I can't stand em).

I'm thinking it can't be long before the Internet is recognised as one of the Wonders of the World. There's a new Web2.0 application online every week - and now they are getting useful.

Currently reading "Bitter Fruit: The Story of the American Coup in Guatemala" by Schlesinger and Kinzer and "Proud Highway" an anthology of Hunter S Thompson's letters.

Best recipie created lately is a white bean and artichoke soup, I'm thinking I'll try a few drops of truffle oil in the next batch.

In case you didn't know, Pasi is the founding director of iTANK and, as a New Farm/Valley local, enjoys living, playing and working in Brisbane's key creative hub. iTANK's location in the centre of the Valley's highly charged and stimulating environment allows Pasi to leave his signature mini cooper S at home and walk or cycle to work - not only to be exercised, but also to decrease his contribution of carbon dioxide emissions and enjoy the fab Brisbane winter conditions.

Pasi has over 20 years experience in the design and photographic industry and has travelled extensively. His travelling experiences inspire fresh new ideas to contribute towards the iTANK client projects.

Some of Pasi's other interests include live bands, wine exploration, painting, arts, scuba diving, dining out, cooking and learning more about our environment. Pasi's laid back attentiveness and meticulous eye for detail make him extremely popular with clients. However, as Brisbane's funkiest business director he brings a fun energy to the office that makes showing up at iTANK every morning as enjoyable as the flowing coffee!

*P cringes* Soraya! - you just wait until next edition when I get to write your fluff

What's the world coming to?

iTANK stationeryAt iTANK, we adhere to the following priorities in our day to day operations, to create the lowest impact possible on the environment:
First choice - reduce use and reduce waste.
Second choice - use recycled items.
Third choice - use recyclable items.

Some people were asking about why we were using old stationery with rubber stamps correcting the outdated address and telephone details for a couple of years. We did not feel right in wasting the stock of old material we had - even putting it into the recycling stream was wasteful. Using the stamps also help to highlight the new details. We did eventually run out of the old stock of with comps and letterhead.

In designing our new stationery, we firstly had to consider if we needed it at all. We eventually figured that we couldn't go without.

We specified Options Recycled PC100 stock from Raleigh Paper as it fit with our enviro policy. This stock is 100% post-consumer waste and made using green wind power. Because this paper is 100% post consumer waste we spared 1 tree from being cut down, saved 1600 litres of wastewater and eliminated 40kg of atmospheric emissions. This amount of paper would require the fossil fuel equivalent of 1.3 cubic metres of natural gas energy to produce - in this case cleanly provided by wind. There's a pile more numbers provided here.

Now these figures are not that big really - well we didn't print a lot of stationery, but these figures do account for 100% of our stationery use. If all businesses used lower impact materials in 100% of their printed work we'd be a lot closer to a sustainable environment.

We will bring you some more eco information in future editions of Fazool.

Two of our electric yellow have had young - they usually get eaten within a week. This time we've got a really plucky little one who's survived for almost one month! At only 13mm it's still just a mouthful for some of the others in the tank. Wish the little fry luck.

Thanks & congratulations if you've made it this far through Fazool. Send us your comments & we'll take them on board for our next edition.

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