Welcome to another Edition of Fazool!

Smokin SpacemanMuch has been cooking since our last edition, Pasi has explored landscapes and cuisines of Vietnam, Soraya tasted Thailand, we've added more music and more art to the scene, we've completed a secret project (we hope to be able to tell you about that in the future), and a new creative, Virginia, has added some Spanish spice to our already multicultural and tasty iTANK gumbo.

HOT from the fire in May is our new sampler!

This is a magazine of 80 pages we've compiled to show-off some of the work we've been doing. It's a short run edition on recycled stock. We will be distributing some ourselves and through a couple of art bookshops. If you'd like a copy let us know, heck, we might even sign it for you!

Thanks to those that sent feedback on our previous edition. Please send us any comments about our stories or if there's anything you'd like to see (or not see) in future editions of Fazool. You can click here (opens in new window) to have Fazool delivered to your inbox!


What's that art?

laPedrera printThis is one of a pair of humble prints by designers Villuendas + Gómez collected in Barcelona in about 2002. It's an illustration of the fab apartment building Casa Milà (also known as La Pedrera) designed and built in 1905-1910 by Antoni Gaudí. It is a fantastic building that has been utterly dismissed, completely misunderstood and passionately loved in its history. Indifference is not possible when appreciating this building influenced by the forms of nature.

In the studio the print serves both as a smile generator and a reminder to use one's imagination and believe in your work. You can learn more about the building and Gaudí here.

Peek under the lid – iTANK projects examined.
ClarkeKann corporate identity

ClarkeKann reception

An organisation's graphic representation including logo, colours, type treatments and branding graphics are an expression of its character to both the people outside and as importantly those within it.

In this issue of Fazool we provide an insight into the corporate identity design process and the makeover we've done for ClarkeKann Lawyers, an established and respected Brisbane law firm. The multi-faceted business was seeking a fresh identity to reflect an era of growth within the company as they expanded their service range, technologies and premises.

A corporate identity design development requires an understanding of the culture, philosophy and aspirations of the client business. In the case of ClarkeKann a steering committee of two partners and two section managers was our primary contact as we established the criteria and developed initial concepts. At key decision and approval points refinements of these concepts for logo design, corporate colours & support graphics and even company name were presented by Pasi to meetings of all the firm's partners. As with any group of passionate people it is interesting to examine the range of reactions and ideas that are evoked by the process of focusing on the issues of business identity. We have found this process useful in other identity designs for larger organisations where it is important to gather input from different sections.

The outcomes for ClarkeKann of this process included a positive new wordmark, a new name (previously Clarke and Kann), a system of branding all of their documentation (lawyers have a lot of documents), website and signage.

As part of ClarkeKann's new era Donovan Hill architects designed renovated and expanded offices over two levels at 300 Queen St.

When the new graphics were approved, we prceeded with design and production of numerous applications of the identity including stationery, signs, web site, business cards, internal document templates, email signatures, corporate profile booklet, newsletters and Christmas cards and invitations. We also consulted on the presentation of artworks for the new reception.

CK Launch functionClarkeKann showed that lawyers do know how to have fun too with an impressive and very enjoyable launch party of the new look for a large group of invited guests.

Having successfully completed the redesign, it doesn't end there. At iTANK we are happy that we have continued the relationship with ClarkKann and use our understanding of their business to provide further solutions as they are needed.

ClarkeKann came to iTANK by referral (we love referrals!) and were furnished with outcomes that will support their business through the next chapter in their long history of law service.

Do you know a business that can benefit by working with iTANK? Please drop us a line if you do.

Image of ClarkeKann printed materials  

What's on the boil in the team?
In this edition - Soraya

Soraya in hoodMy first trip overseas was more memorable than I could have imagined. The trip was a two-week journey through Thailand, trekking across the rainforests north of Chiang Mai, shopping in Bangkok and visiting the magnificent temples all dotted around this fantastic country. The food was fantastic and I enjoyed meeting Thai people with their friendly warm smiles.

The highlight of the journey was visiting an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, run by a group of volunteers who care for the elephants. We were able to feed the elephants and the coolest part was that we even got to wash them - which entailed walking with the herd down to the river and jumping in with a scrubbing brush and a bucket!

To keep fit, I'm about to start my second term at the Vulcana Women's Circus, learning aerial skills including trapeze and tissu - the big silky fabric thing that hangs from the rafters.

If you hear some racket coming from the studio it's because I've recently caught the must-learn-how-to-drum bug. Pasi's open minded attitude and iTANK's location in the Valley's entertainment precinct made for a good enough argument to house my drum kit in a corner of the iTANK Studio, with a loose rule to drum only after office hours.

I've been spending the odd weekend here and there creating stencil artwork, inspired by the free-for-all wall covered in stencil art at Jamies Espresso Bar in the Valley.


Soraya is at the heart of the team of iTANK. Over her 4+ years at iTANK many clients and colleagues have experienced her sparkling personality and tireless enthusiasm, in person, by telephone and even email. Her character is exceptional at raising the spirits of those around her and makes working together a pleasure … almost all the time ;-)

At iTANK Soraya has been trained "over hot glowing coals" and through her determination and dedication she has proven to be an essential ingredient in our brew. She lives up to the expectation of being involved in 'everything' including design, administration, layout, print production, training and feeding the fish.


Your contribution counts

Tree iconOn one hand it is very pleasing to see that finally environmental issues in general and specifically global warming have been recognised by the mainstream media and Australian public, on the other hand it's frightening that it's due to the dire circumstances we all face unless we all act to change our ways.

As you may already know, at iTANK, we are committed to ensure our business creates the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Stamp of treesLast December, instead of sending a traditional end of year thank you gift, we chose to plant 150 trees to offset the impact of our studio's greenhouse gas emissions. To let people know we hand-made rubber-stamped thank you cards from our studio off cuts and sent them with our wishes for a better world and healthier future. It was great receive the positive feedback and responses to this small action.

While it may seem an overwhelming and enormous task at first, you too can reduce your environmental impact by thinking about how your day to day activities affect the world we live in and taking a few easy and positive actions to reduce your personal and business' impact. Many small efforts soon add up!

iTANK has used Men of the Trees and Climate Friendly to offset our carbon cloud. There are some Government supported initiatives you can use. The BCC Home WaterWise service is a bargain for those of you in Brisbane - for $20 a plumber comes & fits a AAA rated showerhead and fixes up to 3 dripping taps, call 1300 968 728. If you are in NSW take advantage of the free low energy lightbulbs installed by Easy Being Green. Help drive demand for renewable energy by switching to GreenPower and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

We are currently in the process of developing a global initiative to help others to reduce their impact on the planet which we hope to announce in the coming months. If you'd like consultation for improving your business' environmental efficiency, please get in touch.

In our first edition of Fazool we announced our Electric Yellow had young, since then we've had many in the tank, and we are very happy to see that one has survived to reach a size that makes it safe from the bigger fish. It's a tough world in there!

Thanks & congratulations if you've made it this far through Fazool. Send us your comments & we'll take them on board for our next edition.

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