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For the sake of archiving here is a list from our old website 2004 – 2012



A design conference hits town with AGDA hosting Icograda Design Week. Pasi has returned and is eager to break some new ground after absorbing a bit of Ethiopian and Mediterranean culture.


There’s a visit to Africa and Europe in the air. Normal communications will be maintained as much as connections allow.


Unfortunately the Benefit is being put on ice for now. A bicycle crash and surgery have messed schedules about.


We are pleased to launch the Designers for Good Benefit for 2010! Applications are open until 5pm June 15. See the all details here.


Our fine art printing capabilities have been updated with the addition of new printing equipment. With a wider gamut and improved customised setup we will be exploring an expanded range of papers for artists and photographers for their exhibition and limited edition prints.


After a happy & productive 6 months providing free web development and design services the first round of the Benefit has come to its end. Food Connect are off an running with Food Connect operations starting up around the country. Well Done.


The Designers for Good Benefit for 2009 has been awarded to Food Connect. We will be working with Food Connect to help enhance their visual identity and communicate their mission. If you have a mouth, you need to check out the good work that Food Connect are doing!


We’ve been very pleased at the very positive response to our Designers for Good initiatve. Applications are now closed. Our Advisory Board now has the unenviable task of assessing the applications from a broad range of for-good organisations to determine the Beneficiary.


Our Designers for Good Benefit gets a little media attention in News Ltd’s flagship paper, City News!


We launch our Designers for Good Benefit. This is an initiative through which we are giving 6 months design work to an organisation that works to do good. Read all about it here!


We serve up another steamy bowl of Fazool! Click here to tuck in! If you prefer your Fazool home delivered click here to subscribe.


The pain of moving the studio down the stairs from our building in the Valley has subsided and we are now feeling settled into the new space and enjoying hearing the birds sing, the lack of sirens and truck exhausts. There’s very easy parking for visitors and our tank is looking splendid.


iTANK prepares to move office, fish and all! We’ll be packing up and making the big move on Monday the 18th of February.


A new FAZOOL has been sent to our subscribers! Fazool is our newsletter. Subscribe to Fazool here. Edition #2 is online here.


Many people ask us – “But what do you do? Your website doesn’t give much detail”. Ok we finally thought we’d put some work online and so made a little video which gives a hint of our work. If you’d like to see more or would like to see a full resolution version with better audio, just get in touch!


Providing a better environment for us all. We planted 150 trees to offset our studio’s greenhouse gas emissions for 2006 and some of our clients. We are happy to help provide a better world and healthier future!


Beats at iTANK. Surrounded by local musicians, constant gigs and Pasi’s massive collection of music, Soraya has been inspired to bring her kit into the studio and make some more noise.


We welcome our Spanish team member, Virginia. She comes to iTANK packing a Fine Art Degree, Multimedia Masters and international experience. The more flavours in your tank the better!


FAZOOL is launched. Fazool is our newsletter. Subscribe to Fazool here. Edition #1 is online here.


A smarter electric yellow is born. While our blue fish (and numerous others) have had young, they are eaten by others soon after birth. We’ve now got a yellow that looks like it wants to live!


New iTANK stationery released. This new set is printed on 100% post-consumer recycled stock made using wind generated power.


Yikes a year (and some) passes by with many successful projects completed.


Pasi is sighted by security webcam in Rovaniemi during study tour of Finland.


Rupert Murdoch endorses iTANK via his pet publication with a glowing feature article and pictorial.


The sun, the valley, the tank and our doorway align at a certain time to create a full flush spectrum on our corridor wall.


Couriers & visitors have no excuse for disturbing our neighbours with our new signage.


Robots installed as office partitions. Tulip Head and Smokin Spaceman are on guard duty. Gang of 5 and Thunder Robot are in reserve.


Pasi & Soraya travel to Sydney to meet with Greenpeace folks & welcome Rainbow Warrior.


Art hung & cartons unpacked.


iTANK & nexTANK gets packed onto a truck in New Farm and 7hrs, many sore muscles on 7 workers, a carton of beer and a lot of cursing later has gear moved into new premises in the heart of Fortitude Valley. (Stay tuned for a web cam to show the action in the street…)


iTANK returns from summer breaks at beaches and NZ, refreshed and ready to perform.


We have published standard Terms & Conditions of engagement available click here to request a copy.

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